Swami Om got Emotional on Bigg Boss 10

OMG! Swami Om got Emotional on Bigg Boss 10 House Today When Bigg Boss 10 was started, no one was aware of the kind of stories and fights that would happen in the house because of Swami Ji .

Swami Om trying to have a spotlight by doing comedy and also trying to keep Bigg Boss 10 fans entertained with his weird style and violent antics. His Style and Behavior has made Bigg Boss 10 Contestants Life hell in the house with each passing day. Swami Om has choosed not to let the attention of cameras go off from him clearly everytime.

Here are some Pictures:

swami-om-bigg-boss-10-winner-3 swami-om-bigg-boss-10-winner-2 swami-om-bigg-boss-10-winner-1

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