Priyanka Jagga Evicted from Bigg Boss 10

Priyanka Jagga Evicted from Bigg Boss 10

Breaking News ! Priyanka Jagga Evicted from Bigg Boss 10 House. We are Quite disappointed that Most entertaining Bigg Boss 10 Contestant got Evicted. We all know she was quite entertaining in a weird way! It was no shock when Priyanka Jagga got nominated for eviction in the very first nomination of Bigg Boss 10.

Bigg Boss 10 Eviction – It is Confirmed Priyanka Jagga Evicted

From the 1st Day, Priyanka Jagga from team Indiawaale Team, has been linked in fights and dispute with the Celebrity Team. At the first, she got into a fight with VJ Bani over her age.

In the Last Episode at Friday Night, Whole World saw another character of her when Priyanka Jagga didn’t fall upon the task notwithstanding peeing in her pants while doing Task in Bigg Boss 10 House. Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Priyanka Jagga who will be seen moving from the Bigg Boss house this week Bigg Boss 10 1st Eviction.

It is Priyanka Jagga Evicted from Bigg Boss 10 house in the very first week.

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