Bigg Boss 10 6th Elimination

Breaking News ! Bigg Boss 10 6th Elimination is going to more Emotional and Controversy. We will find out soon. Today, Bigg Boss will give Luxury Budget Task. Details about the Luxury Budget Task of this week ! No Water ! No Gas ! No Sleep ! No access to luggage room

Bani Give up the Luxury Budget Task.

luxury-budget-task-bigg-boss-10-30th-november luxury-budget-task-bigg-boss-10-30th-nov

and You will also see

Wow…Finally Manu Punjabi & Manveer are fighting in Bigg Boss 10 30th November episode.

Breaking News ! Bigg Boss 10 6th Elimination ( Must Read )

Here are the Names of the Bigg Boss 10 Contestants who were nominated in Bigg Boss 10 30th November episode


  • Jason Shah
  • Elena Kazan
  • Rahul Dev
  • Bani J

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